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Rodents do not only spread diseases and contaminate food, they also cause damage to your home. Rodents have to continually gnaw on their teeth to keep them from growing too long. As the teeth of rodents continue to grow over their lifetime, they need to gnaw on hard substances such as lead and plastic pipes, insulation material and electric wiring. This habit increases the risk of short circuits and fires.This cause a lot of damage. Rat also cause a host of very serious health risks.

Believe it or not, next to mosquitos, rats carry more transmissible diseases than any other living pest. A rat infestation is no laughing matter, therefore, pest control for rats is significant. Rats and mice are among the most widespread and common pests that invade our houses and other premises in search of food and shelter.

Factories, offices, hotels, restaurants and houses are the main affected areas of rat and mice infestation. Rats can often seen in these areas as factories and offices gives them the hard substances to chew like wiring, files, cardboards, plastic pipes, etc. while home, hotel and restaurants give them everything along with foods and water.

Treatment For Rodent Problem

Rodent control should be taken very seriously in residential or any commercial property.To prevent mice from entering the home and commercial premises, all cracks, crevices, holes and gaps larger than a pen cap should be sealed with cement or a mixing compound. It is not advised that wood be used to seal these holes, as mice are capable of chewing through those surfaces.

Pest Control Dadar treatment plan will include using traps and other devices to kill or remove mice and rat. In treatment plan it may also include use chemical products, such as rodent baits, that are formulated to kill mice.While baits are very effective, caution must be exercised to ensure that baits are properly placed

Final thing one should keep in mind – don’t delay when you see signs of a mouse problem in your Home or commercial premises. As female house mouse is a very prolific animal. So, if you wait too long to start control measures, a few of them can quickly become a large infestation which can create nuisance for you and your family.


Getting Pest Control Treatment in Dadar

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