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House flies can be a real nuisance when they are flying around your premises. Particularly if they are in large numbers. As they can also transmit diseases such as cholera, tuberculosisand parasitic worms, so it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. House flies control is not always as easy as it look like. Basically house flies prefer corners and edges or thin objects to rest on. In internal premises, they rest on floors, walls and ceilings during the day. In Common area (Outdoor), they will rest on plants, the ground, fence wires, garbage cans, etc. Night resting places are usually near sources of food and 5 to 15 feet off the ground.

When flies feed on waste, they collect pathogens on their legs and mouths. These pathogens are then transferred to food on tables or counters when a fly lands again. Flies regurgitate on solid food then they eat the liquid. House flies are capable of transmitting disease when they vomit, groom themselves or just walk on surfaces.Depending on the species, the life expectancy of a fly is eight days to two months or in some cases, up to a year.

Treatment For Flies Problem

The best way to repel flies is through simple, preventive measures. Flies prefer warm temperatures and are most active from late spring to early autumn. In order to best repel flies during this time, limit access of your home for flies as much as possible, keeping doors and windows closed.Keep garbage cans clean and securely closed. Keeping surfaces clean will make your home less appealing to flies. Also using a professional flies pest control service is the most effective way to control flies from your premises. Ourtechnicians will follow correct fly control treatment for your individual premises. Even also Monitoring and Inspecting during regular visits. Once an inspection of your premises is complete, our Pest Control Dadar expert will recommend a fly control treatment program specially as per problem or need. It may include misting treatment (Cold Fogging) or special chemical spry treatment for internal area of premises


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